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House Rules

If you're new to Fizzy then please familiarise your self with the House Rules. If you are a regular, then please check back from time to time as we'll update the rules as required.

The House Rules are common sense really. We don't want to cramp anyone's style, but we do want to create a community that is fun and safe for Fizzy members of all ages.

What happens if you break the rules? As you can see from our Terms & Conditions, we have the right to ban you right away if you break the rules, even if you are a VIP and you've paid a subscription fee. In general though, we'll give you a warning or two first. If you continue to abuse the chat, messaging or comments boxes, we may prevent you from accessing those services for a period of time. You should be fine though, as long as you stick to the rules!

Clubhouse Rules

1. Keep it Clean, if you know what we mean. When chatting, messaging, commenting or communicating with anyone else on Fizzy (including Customer Services) don't use any offensive, racist, sexist or abusive language (in any language).

2. Play for Real. Believe us, we've seen all the scripts, cheats engines, hacks and more (boring). It is sometimes possible to cheat and post a fake score, but please don't, you just create a lot of work for us and it doesn't really prove anything, except that you are NOT very good at games. Playing for real is much more fun!

3. No Spam! Or malware, or adware or links to your crazy amazing product or site. If you want to legitimately drive traffic to your site then advertise on Fizzy, we've got some great deals and all the money goes back into developing games and the site.

4. Make Useful Comments. When commenting on a game, please try to write something useful for the rest of the club.'This game sucks!' or 'This game is great!' is best handled through the rating system. Love the game? Rate it high. Hate the game? Rate it low. Got something interesting to say about a game, then make a useful comment.

Follow these simple rules and not only will Fizzy love you more, but you'll love Fizzy more too.


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