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Ever wished there was more to playing games online? Ever wished you could get rewards for playing? Maybe you'd like to keep track of how good you really are? Join Fizzy and join in the fun. It's FREE!

  • Download free demos of all download games
  • Submit scores for all free games
  • Get on the high score tables if you're good enough
  • Earn reward points for most things you do on Fizzy
  • Win Awards based on skill (ribbons, medals, trophies and badges)
  • Keep track of your personal stats
  • Keep track of your most played games
  • Create a public profile and show you friends how good you are
  • Get free updates and important game news
  • Get member-only special offers
  • Buy great games at great prices
  • And best of all, it's all FREE!
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Avatar Mama is the Member of the Week with a total of 44399 points.
Avatar ryanwong1234 is the Rookie of the Week with a total of 8055 points.
Avatar marty15 levelled up the Most Levels with 20 levels.
Avatar klwh earned the Most Ribbons with 478 ribbons.

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This Week This Month For 2015
Mama 80015
klwh 15205
kingboy868 11190
nessip23 5605
AndyRotten 5595
Aroman7 5595
yalikavi4 5595
JabbaTheHu.. 5595
JoroDonov 5595
den seje 5595
Mama 124459
klwh 28957
kingboy868 11190
rodgy1 6935
myaskovsky 6806
usnkricket 5823
reeceipoo1.. 5815
nessip23 5605
JabbaTheHu.. 5595
firebloodb.. 5595
Mama 4132755
klwh 2334562
myaskovsky 1198037
ItsMeLynn 399238
grantyboy 222700
Tweeling 163852
gburns96 139875
coliboy 110100
Saxondale 101648
killerkill.. 95950

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Welcome to Fizzy.com, more fun free games for everyone. Fizzy.com is the official home of the Swords and Sandals games, the Lightning Pool Games, and hundreds of other FREE online Flash games and Download games for PC and Mac including puzzle games, RPG games, sports games, multiplayer games, adventure games, driving games, action games, casual games, games for women, games for men and games for kids. FREE members can submit high scores, create avatars, keep stats. VIP members can play Premium Casual Games and save money too. Flash game developers can distribute their games on Fizzy.com and earn serious cash. Join Fizzy.com and help us on our mission to make the web more fun for everyone.