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Game Developer Added Genres Rank Plays Rating
Rat Exterminator Rat Exterminator UrbanMonk 29th Jul 2010 Action, Arcade, Retro, Shooter 133 6,753
Droid Blocks Droid Blocks Fun Flow Studios 5th Jul 2010 Arcade, Classic, Puzzle, Retro 137 29,417
Arctic Scrambled Eggs Arctic Scrambled Eggs Gameonade.com 24th Oct 2010 Action, Adventure, Classic, Retro 150 16,033
Robot Dinosaurs Robot Dinosaurs Tom Brien 10th Mar 2010 Action, Arcade, Retro, Shooter 160 6,150
Elecktra Elecktra def-logic 29th Sep 2008 Arcade, Retro 177 8,106
Cave of No Return Cave of No Return SteveHarris.info 22nd Sep 2011 Adventure, Platform, Retro 186 3,396
Being One Episode 5 Being One Episode 5 Psionic 30th May 2012 Adventure, Classic, Puzzle, Retro 216 3,258
HUEBRIX HUEBRIX Yellow Monkey Studios 10th Sep 2012 Classic, Puzzle, Retro 217 5,645
Submarine Fighter Submarine Fighter aimia 29th Nov 2010 Action, Classic, Retro, Shooter 218 4,388
Rotter Road Rotter Road AwesomeTurtwig 10th Jul 2011 Action, Arcade, Classic, Retro 223 4,690
Replicator Replicator def-logic 13th Sep 2008 Arcade, Retro 239 98,827
Anti-Pacman Anti-Pacman Sugar-Free-Games.com 16th Jan 2009 Classic, Retro 265 16,170
Cloud Soldier Cloud Soldier Snails Animaton 18th Jul 2010 Action, Arcade, Retro, Shooter 266 11,798
Ghostscape 2 - The Cabin Ghostscape 2 - The Cabin Psionic 21st Feb 2010 Adventure, Classic, Puzzle, Retro 308 5,622
Battle Raven Battle Raven ChrisP 26th May 2010 Action, Arcade, Retro, Shooter 312 14,355


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