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Game Developer Added Genres Rank Plays Rating
Ghoul Academy Ghoul Academy 3RDsense 8th Jun 2007 Platform, Shooter 1 207,525
Forest Brat Forest Brat 3RDsense 8th Jun 2007 Action, Platform 11 86,845
WolfNSwine: Hungry Like The Wolves WolfNSwine: Hungry Like The Wolves 3RDsense 16th Apr 2008 Adventure, Platform 56 123,371
Pirate Cove Pirate Cove 3RDsense 22nd Jul 2008 Adventure, Platform 72 116,892
Squareman Squareman Ventusking 18th Aug 2008 Platform 78 12,010
Stanley Hedgehog Stanley Hedgehog Ultimate Spider 17th Sep 2008 Platform, Puzzle 95 12,985
Amenra Amenra def-logic 5th Oct 2008 Arcade, Platform 108 20,684
Starryland Starryland Lartar 26th Oct 2008 Adventure, Platform 116 10,151
Circle of Pain Circle of Pain MillzFlickz 9th Dec 2008 Action, Platform 199 8,600
Penguin Rider Penguin Rider areagle 20th Dec 2008 Platform, Puzzle 244 6,623
Planet Platformer 2 Planet Platformer 2 Games121.com 18th Dec 2008 Platform 246 3,290
Yumcha Showdown Yumcha Showdown 3RDsense 5th Jan 2009 Platform, RPG 274 482,708
Lily Allen in Escape The Fear Lily Allen in Escape The Fear Matmi 16th Jan 2009 Platform, Retro 301 4,280
Defuse Da Bomb Defuse Da Bomb Contact Fizzy 21st Jan 2009 Platform 306 5,542
LineBouncer LineBouncer Zalastax 31st Mar 2009 Platform, Puzzle 350 5,260


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