Star Fall

By GoldenGear

Rank: 452 Plays: 9,512
Genre: Arcade Type: Enhanced,
Classification: Suitable for all players Released: 28 Jun 10

Catch Dreams and avoid Nightmares in this insanely fast paced game.

Full Game Description

A mini-game made in 7 nights for the May 2010 High Velocity competition put on by the Experimental Gameplay Project.

This game is about a falling star that is burning out. Catch Dreams and Golden Dreams for star power while avoiding Nightmares. Rainbow Dreams have random effects including super sized star, Nightmare shield and the rainbow tail.

Hint: Occasionally it doesnt hurt to hit a nightmare to help regain some control.


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posted by myaskovsky 401 days ago.

Score submission seems to have been lost.

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posted by adramforall 1586 days ago.

Needs to be much better, faster, more power ups, more killers

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posted by kevtan 1749 days ago.

How did you stand the boredom to play this to get 20K LOL

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