Healthy Teethy

By SomeGoodGames

Rank: 1012 Plays: 4,176
Genre: Arcade Type: Basic
Classification: Suitable for all players Released: 28 Mar 10

You control the teeth and have to catch as many fruits as possible to achieve the best score.

Full Game Description

Use the mouse to control the teeth. Your task is to catch as many fruits as possible, and achieve the best score. Touch the fruits to eat them, but avoid any metallic objects, because they will hurt the teeth. You can stand only four hits.

There is also the candy in the game, which gives you random bonus: slowdown, invulnerability, or ability to eat the metallic objects for short period of the time, or simply adds 1000 points.

If you achieve the best score, you will be able to put your name in the online top ten players list for one week.


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