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Classic Games

Game Developer Added Genres Rank Plays Rating
Poker Joker Poker Joker 3RDsense 8th Jun 2007 Classic, Puzzle 12 74,792
Salad Dodger Salad Dodger 3RDsense 13th Dec 2007 Arcade, Classic 52 404,975
Snake Rattle and Scroll Snake Rattle and Scroll 3RDsense 7th Aug 2008 Arcade, Classic 74 12,015
Ice Castle Blaster Ice Castle Blaster Contact Fizzy 14th Oct 2008 Action, Classic 111 15,146
Barricades! 2 Barricades! 2 JamesQuinn 27th Nov 2008 Action, Classic 175 14,003
Super HyberDoze Super HyberDoze Contact Fizzy 18th Dec 2008 Classic 219 2,632
Black House Black House Contact Fizzy 21st Dec 2008 Classic 233 6,737
Karma - Wash your Sins Karma - Wash your Sins Zapak.com 17th Dec 2008 Adventure, Classic 234 9,871
TikiBrick TikiBrick Left Brain Games 17th Dec 2008 Arcade, Classic 240 18,806
Sky Shooter Sky Shooter Contact Fizzy 21st Dec 2008 Classic 245 2,825
 Farewell Gift Farewell Gift Contact Fizzy 29th Dec 2008 Classic 262 4,979
Anti-Pacman Anti-Pacman Sugar-Free-Games.com 16th Jan 2009 Classic, Retro 295 14,854
SFG Pool SFG Pool Sugar-Free-Games.com 16th Jan 2009 Classic, Sport 300 22,747
Go Go Pets Go Go Pets Contact Fizzy 21st Jan 2009 Classic 305 4,659
Tic Tac Toe 2 Tic Tac Toe 2 Contact Fizzy 11th Feb 2009 Classic 367 5,153

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