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Classic Games

Game Developer Added Genres Rank Plays Rating
Droid Blocks Droid Blocks Fun Flow Studios 5th Jul 2010 Arcade, Classic, Puzzle, Retro 18 28,341
Dragon Mahjong Dragon Mahjong codethislab 22nd Jul 2010 Classic, Puzzle 19 163,140
Crazy Frog Crazy Frog Gameonade.com 6th Jul 2010 Arcade, Classic, Puzzle 37 27,693
Best-Typing Best-Typing TimeAndGame 2nd May 2011 Classic 41 18,143
The Brave Hussar The Brave Hussar Eichwulf 30th May 2010 Action, Arcade, Classic, Platform 47 20,512
Bamboo Break-Out Bamboo Break-Out Narcade 2nd Apr 2012 Classic 66 5,437
BigTree Defense BigTree Defense Burstyx Studio 19th Jul 2010 Adventure, Classic, Driving, Puzzle 73 18,036
Bubblins 60s Bubblins 60s Shajby 29th Jan 2013 Classic, Puzzle 74 7,510
9 Planets 9 Planets Gameonade.com 15th Jul 2010 Action, Adventure, Classic, Shooter 81 22,567
Idiot Test Idiot Test jacobggames/technologicstudio 6th Jun 2010 Classic, Puzzle 82 15,349
Easter Egg Matcher Easter Egg Matcher IceGamer 18th Apr 2011 Classic, Puzzle 93 29,789
Castle Wars 2 Castle Wars 2 m0rkeulv 2nd Aug 2010 Classic, Puzzle 97 28,095
Atomix Atomix mylostgames 28th Jul 2010 Classic, Puzzle, Retro 108 4,256
Kill The Wabbits Kill The Wabbits heroik 20th Jun 2010 Action, Classic, Puzzle, Shooter 130 9,724
Cars Cars Gameonade.com 5th Jul 2010 Classic, Puzzle 133 14,968

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