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Developer Profile: pzUH


pzUH Games List

Game Added Genres Rank Plays Rating
Stack of Defence Stack of Defence 4th Dec 2012 Puzzle, Shooter 329 3,443
PingShoot PingShoot 4th Sep 2012 Arcade, Classic, Retro, Shooter 2080 3,024
Escape From The Nerd Factory Escape From The Nerd Factory 9th Jul 2012 Action, Platform 922 2,590
Trapped in a Nerd Factory Trapped in a Nerd Factory 27th May 2012 Action 605 2,073
Ovum Defender 2 Ovum Defender 2 27th Feb 2012 Shooter 823 4,325
Ovum Defender: Tower Defense Ovum Defender: Tower Defense 24th Feb 2011 Arcade, RPG 1615 4,999
Ovum Defender Ovum Defender 13th Sep 2010 Arcade, Shooter 802 4,213
Block Breaker Block Breaker 2nd Aug 2010 Arcade, Classic, Retro 1086 4,052
Space Madness Space Madness 2nd Aug 2010 Action, Arcade, Shooter 422 4,755
Space Rocks Space Rocks 2nd Aug 2010 Action, Arcade, Shooter 850 4,200

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