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The Fizzy Game Developers Network

We're on a mission to make the web more fun for everyone. If you are a Flash Game Developer and you want to make money from your games, then you can join us on our mission by joining the Fizzy Game Developers Network (GDN)

We know a thing or two about Flash Game development, we've been doing it for years now. We've had a few successes along the way, you might have heard of the Swords and Sandals series, Lightning Pool, Death Row and more. We've had a few failures too! We have now learned some of the best ways of making money from Flash Games.

When we started building Fizzy.com a couple of years ago, it was always the plan to create a site that not only helped us generate revenue from Flash Games, but to open it up to Flash Game Developers like you so that you could benefit from the approach we take and tools we've developed. So, join the Fizzy GDN, upload your games and you can start earning right away!

If you still have questions, please take a look at the FAQ or get in touch and we'll answer your questions.

Join the Fizzy GDN

How Much Do I Earn!

The Fizzy GDN offers game developers the best revenue share in the Business:

Free to Play games

  • Free = 50c eCPMP
  • Free Enhanced = $2.25 eCPMP
  • + 25c eCPMP for any off site plays if you choose to distribute your game with Fizzy

Pay to Play games

  • $2.25 eCPMP + 70% revenue for every one of your games sold on Fizzy
  • + 25c eCPMP for any off site plays if you choose to distribute your game with Fizzy
  • Subscription Games on Fizzy: 70% of the available Net Subscription Revenue. Your share will be based on the number of times your Subscription Game(s) is/are loaded, as a percentage of the total number of all Subscription Game loads.

Currency is USD

Fizzy Game Developers Network

Join the Fizzy GDN and benefit from all this:

Upload Free to Play Flash Games and get paid based on game plays

Sell Pay to Play Flash Games through the Fizzy Shop and the Fizzy Subscription Service

Get FREE tools to Enhance your games to integrate in-game ads, score submission and more

Get your Enhanced game distributed to thousands of other sites for FREE

Keep you game up to date with our Version Management System

Full online reporting and regular monthly payments

Get a public profile on Fizzy to promote you and your games

Works with AS2 and AS3

Free online support

It's completely FREE to join

Welcome to Fizzy.com, more fun free games for everyone. Fizzy.com is the official home of the Swords and Sandals games, the Lightning Pool Games, and hundreds of other FREE online Flash games and Download games for PC and Mac including puzzle games, RPG games, sports games, multiplayer games, adventure games, driving games, action games, casual games, games for women, games for men and games for kids. FREE members can submit high scores, create avatars, keep stats. VIP members can play Premium Casual Games and save money too. Flash game developers can distribute their games on Fizzy.com and earn serious cash. Join Fizzy.com and help us on our mission to make the web more fun for everyone.